Programs & Projects

TATU Project is a non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the individual and collective development of the Msitu Wa Tembo and Londoto rural communities in northern Tanzania.

W.E. Women Empowerment

An empowerment program for women to gain agency through seminars, financial skills and opportunities, and health initiatives. Learn more

Maasai Jewelry Business Development
Maasai Jewelry Business Development

This business consists of selling handmade Maasai jewelry locally and internationally to share a long-standing tradition of jewelry making among the Maasai, while encouraging economic and social development.

Bicycle Project
Bicycle Project

This business consists of renting bicycles to community members. The profits benefit business members and the Kazi na Sala women’s group.

Kilipads Project
Kilipads social business

This social business manufactures reusable pads and works to address the lack of knowledge regarding menstruation.

Microlending and Entrepreneurs
Microlending Initiative

This project supports Kazi na Sala members in giving loans and encouraging entrepreneurship.

AFYA – Health Program

The AFYA health program is designed on the basis of research conducted locally. Learn more

AFYA Health Project
Medical Caravan Healthcare for the village

Every year we collaborate with a local non-profit health facility, Pamoja Tunaweza, to offer three days of medical care to the village

Kucheza ni Afya sports for health

We contribute towards the development and emotional well being of children through physical activities and sports.


Twice a year we provide deworming medication to the children of Msitu wa Tembo and Londoto Primary schools.


Working with local health care insitutations such as the dispensary, strengthens delivery of serivces and trust in facilities.

Health Research
Health Research

Research allows us to understand the community health issues and devise strategies to address them


Work in identified areas to bring about development and growth in the village. Learn more

Research identify & measure

To give a holistic view of Msitu wa Tembo and Londoto to work in identified areas to bring about development and growth in the village.


Work to provide residents access to clean and safe water. Learn more

Water wells in the schools

Water wells in the schools of Londoto and Msitu wa Tembo.

Water Filters
Water Filters

A donation of water filters allowed TATU to work on water sanitization with local families and to reflect on community-level information campaigns.

We also did…

Kuku Project
Chicken raising business

It aims to create a sustainable income-generating activity for 5 families in the community with limited incomes and opportunities.

Nina Jali Health Project
NINA JALI – Health Campaign

A medical team from TATU conducted some initial research to identify relevant health issues and provided education to the community. They have now been merged with Community Health Workers


TATU Project introduced an innovative tomato crop, before passing on the project to another NGO.