Horseback Safari

Horse ride in Tanzania

“Experience a safari in a whole new way – by horseback!”

The ride takes place on Dolly Estate, about a one-hour drive from Moshi. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced rider, there is an opportunity and experience for everyone. Those with little riding experience can enjoy a relaxed ride along tracks where wildebeest, zebras and antelopes graze.

Led by experienced guides, one can explore the twisting paths, spotting diverse wildlife along the way. Regularly seen on Dolly Estate is the Gerenuk, also known as a giraffe gazelle because of its long neck. After a memorable 2-hour ride, you have the option of grabbing some food or a drink at a restaurant nearby.

Horse Safari Tanzania

Horse safari bushland


  • We recommend stopping by the nearby Polo Club after the ride to grab a drink, relax and take in some great views.
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Stable horsefarm Tanzania

Stable horsefarm in Dolly Estate

Horse safari zebras

Zebras in the horse safari

Horsefarm Tanzania

Dolly Estate Horsefarm