Pare mountains and Lake Jipe

Pare mountains and Lake Jipe

A truly off the beaten path experience in the middle of the Pare Mountains with fantastic views!

About 2 hours driving distance from Moshi, the remote and wild Northern Pare Mountains offer a great opportunity for hiking off-the-beaten-path. The drive is very bumpy in places but offers many lovely views of the surrounding countryside, and you’ll pass through many small villages along the way.

A beautiful and unspoiled landscape, where the cool and fertile mountains are home to the Pare tribe. In these surroundings is located Lake Jipe, a beautiful and shallow lake (less than 3m depth), lying astride the Kenya-Tanzania border. The lake receives its main inflow from Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. On the other side of the lake, Kenya has its border with the Tsavo West National Park, while Mt Kilimanjaro dominates the horizon some distance to the Northwest.

Lake Jipe offers a great spectacle for wildlife wonderers. Hippos and crocodiles can be seen crossing the lake. On the Kenyan side, herds of zebras and elephant can be observed grassing at the plains of Tsavo National Park. A very special experience is to watch the elephants swim across the lake in the dry season (from late June to October). This lake offers a quite essentially off beaten path experience for adventurers looking to be in contact with local people and experience their life style.

Lake Jipe adventure

Lake Jipe


  • Enjoy a wooden canoe tour with the local fishermen at Lake Jipe.
  • A perfect combination is to hike the Pare Mountains on the first day and to enjoy a canoe tour during the second day.
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Lake Jipe daytrip

Lake Jipe hippos

Pare mountains view

Kindoroko Mountain (Pare Mountains)

Canoeing in Lake Jipe

Canoeing in Lake Jipe