About TATU Adventures

About TATU Adventures

TATU Project

Created in 2013, TATU Project is a non-profit organisation that facilitates equitable and sustainable development projects for the rural communities of Msitu wa Tembo and Londoto in Northern Tanzania.
TATU, which means THREE in Swahili, is symbolized by a triangle with each point representing our three main pillars: empowerment, education, and environment. We believe in a participatory and collaborative approach to address community needs and build effective solutions.

Why TATU Adventures?

With TATU Project’s headquarters located in Moshi, at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and close to Tanzania’s most popular national parks, we realised our organization was in the perfect location to generate its own income through tourism. TATU Adventures was therefore created as a for profit branch of TATU Project. We are a social business which means all profits are reinvested in TATU Project’s activities, directly contributing to the long-term sustainability of the organisation. This means that by travelling with TATU Adventures, you’re directly supporting TATU Project’s work.

Why travel with us?

One way of ensuring that your travel experience is different and better is to be different and better ourselves. Not only we are a social business, but in line with TATU Project’s philosophy, TATU Adventures is fully committed to responsible tourism. This means we try and ensure the tours and daytrips we provide offer a positive experience for all – locals and visitors alike.

We are always happy to share our own travel experiences with visitors, and have worked hard to develop a trusted network of partners and guides. We offer a personalised service and itineraries tailor-made to your individual needs and preferences. We are a small and friendly team and are always available to meet with travellers in Moshi, to provide advice and recommendations and to give those who are interested an inside look at our work in the community.

As well as offering amazing wildlife watching safaris, and climbing challenges of a lifetime, we are continuously looking to expand and develop the choice of daytrips and cultural experiences we offer travellers. In our experience, including day trips alongside safaris and climbs is a great way for travellers to experience a different side to Tanzania – a more authentic insight into daily life. This year we plan to focus our efforts at developing more cultural tourism tours, working alongside communities to provide visitors with genuine cultural experiences and meaningful connections with local people.

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