Local Cooking Experience

Local Cooking Experience

“Enjoy an authentic taste of local life and local cuisine during a back to basics cooking class”

After deciding which dishes you would like to try your hand at, our lovely guide Hollo will take you on a walk through the main local market in Moshi to buy all the ingredients you need to make your chosen dishe(s). You’ll then hop on a dala dala (public transport) and walk through a traditional neighbourhood on the outskirts of town to reach Hollo’s small house.

Here, you’ll join in with the cooking preparations and learn how to make to local specialities, such as green banana stew, over a traditional wood fire. Don’t expect any gadgets or worktops, but do expect an authentic cooking experience and some great tasting food.

Tanzanian food experience

The green banana stew is ready for the wood fire


Cooking tanzanian food

Making chapatis to go with green banana stew

Local food experience

The result of our efforts

Hollo teacher cooking experience

Our cooking teacher, Hollo