Kuku project

Kuku Project Chicken Social Business

Kuku Project Statement

This program aims to create a sustainable income-generating activity for families in the community with limited incomes and limited economic opportunities.
The logic of the program is to provide the initial funds for social businesses that then would be recovered once they are profitable, and then can be re-invested in new ventures. The Kuku Project is the pilot project of this program, helping 4 families to start in the business of eggs and chicken meat.

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Chicken women business

What we achieved

From the start of the Kuku Project in the spring of 2014, TATU has invested more than 2,500 USD in the building of a chickens’ coup and in providing the funds to get the project off the ground. The women have received different trainings about raising non-local chickens into very local ways and methodology, business trainings, marketing… The most successful ones have been the ones on accounting and book keeping, which serve to help them keep track of the project costs.

What we are doing

Currently we are focusing on achieving 3 critical objectives. The first objective is to empower the women to create their own decisions regarding the kuku project. The second objective is to successfully enable the women to establish the project’s customer base including marketing. The final critical objective is to create an environment where the women feel comfortable to manage the necessary resources for the project and ensure there is adequate stock on hand. They should use the basic business techniques learnt through the trainings held by TATU. We are expecting the women to take over the whole business in some few coming years.

Our team

The KUKU Project is full-time managed by a local project coordinator in TATU, assisted by a volunteer. They attend meetings with the women in Msitu wa Tembo to follow up on the project and ensure that it is meeting the women’s expectations and needs.

Next steps

The next goals in the short term for this project are to get health and sound chickens to their maturity stage, and then the first sustained production of eggs We are aiming at producing best quality eggs so that to create a clean customer base and long term partnership with the customers from both Msitu wa Tembo and Moshi town. In some months the business will be finally profitable and self sustained, so that TATU can start recovering the initial investment, and the women get extra profits on top of their salaries.

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