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Get involved with TATU Project

TATU Project and the people from Msitu wa Tembo could use your help. You can get involved in various ways:

Organise an event for TATU Project

Organise an event

Bringing people together, having a great time and spreading the word about TATU Project, sounds like a great idea!

You could help us by organising an event like a concert, a dinner party, a coctailnight or other creative ideas. This way people get to know TATU Project and the income helps fund our projects.

We engage ourselves to help you from begin to end with advice, posters, brochures and many other things!
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Check here what other people organised:

Concert in France for TATU Project

Concert in France

I have been following Tatu Project since its birth. I am really enthusiastic and full of admiration for all that has been accomplished in only 4 years. I visited Msitu Wa tembo in 2014, and fully realized how women empowerment can make a big difference in fighting poverty. Organising a fundraising concert for Tatu Project is a wonderful way for me to contribute and is a “win win” opportunity : we publicize Tatu Project actions and Tanzania , we raise funds for the projects and have a good time with my fellow musicians and the public. This project has strongly motivated our group, and many people have invested time and energy in it. It has tightened the links within the group, so thank you Tatu Project! Jeanne-Marie Gaudissart

TATU Party in Mallorca

TATU Party (yearly)

It is very important for me to show people supporting TATU Project what we do with their donations.
Therefore the annual TATU party is a perfect way to promote the projects, to bring likeminded people together and to have a great time.

Jaume Pou Vincens

Share you birthday with TATU Project

Sometimes you realise you do not need gifts. Instead: the act of giving is more fulfilling. For your birthday or for any other event in your life, you could share your happines with the people in Msitu wa Tembo and Londoto. Collect donations from friends and family and make a medical caravan possible, give women entrepreneurs a chance via the
Microlending project or much more.

Aina Gelabert Moro from Mallorca realised she did not need gifts for her birthday. She asked her friends to donate for TATU Project and she made a medical caravan possible!
Contact us ( and we will help you setting up your campaign.

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Sharing is caring

Share what we do with other involved people like you. You can share our post via Facebook, follow and retweet what we do via Twitter or subscribe and forward our newsletter. Also, take a look at our blog, it contains personal stories worth sharing. (link to FB, Twitter, Blog, Subscribe to newsletter).

Travel in Tanzania Africa

Visit Tanzania with TATU Adventures

Have you heard of Tanzania’s beauty? Its national parks are the most beautiful in the world. TATU Adventures organizes trips and safaris in a responsible way, with respect for nature and people. All profit made is invested in TATU Project.

TATU Adventures organizes trips to Msitu wa Tembo. This way you can visit the projects and meet the inhabitants in person!

If you know people who are thinking of travelling to Tanzania, please, spread the word:

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Just like the hummingbird of the tale, doing its part to put out the ferocious fire with the droplets of water it carries, no amount is insignificant! TATU Project could not exist without financial support of donors. You could help us enormously with a contribution!

I want to donate!

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Become an Associate

If you are looking for a significant way to make a change, if your heart beats for hope and ideas put into actions, if you have been convinced by what we do, if you have thought of ways to do it even better, or if you answer «all of the above», then you could be ready to become a TATU Associate.

To those willing to offer a lasting and meaningful contribution to the success of our organization, we offer the possibility of becoming a true stakeholder and taking part in the great adventure of TATU Project. We believe that the best help we can get is one we can count on through time. Guaranteed yearly resources and friendly advice are of precious help in strengthening our vision and structure. For an annual financial participation, TATU Associates are legitimate members of the NGO and may actively contribute to mapping its path and evolutions. Be a TATU Associate, and become a key player of our mission: the fair and sustainable development of the Msitu Wa Tembo and Londoto community. There are 3 different options for becoming a TATU Associate:

  I want to be an associate!

Baobab tree in Msitu wa Tembo

Speak your mind

Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.” ~ Akan proverb

We value your opinion, if you have an idea, a comment or another way to help us, please tell us. We do not claim to know everything, so all input is welcome!

Contact us!

Volunteer with TATU Project

Volunteer with us

TATU Project gets a lot of help from volunteers. Do you have what it takes to work in Tanzania? Do you have experience or wisdom that can help the Project? Contact us via and join the team.

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