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Become a TATU Project Associate

If you are looking for a significant way to make a change, if your heart beats for hope and ideas put into actions, if you have been convinced by what we do, if you have thought of ways to do it even better, or if you answer «all of the above», then you could be ready to become a TATU Associate.

To those willing to offer a lasting and meaningful contribution to the success of our organization, we offer the possibility of becoming a true stakeholder and taking part in the great adventure of TATU Project. We believe that the best help we can get is one we can count on through time. Guaranteed yearly resources and friendly advice are of precious help in strengthening our vision and structure. For an annual financial contribution, TATU Associates are active members of the NGO and may actively contribute to mapping its path and evolutions.

Be a TATU Associate, and become a key player of our mission: the fair and sustainable development of the Msitu Wa Tembo and Londoto community.

There are three different options for becoming a TATU Associate:

Zebra: 60€/year

That is €5 per month, the price of two coffees.

Elephant: 90€/year

That is €7.5 per month, or the equivalent of one lunch.

Lion: 150€/year

That is €12.5 per month, or the equivalent of one bottle of wine.


Choose the Associate option you want and pay monthly or annually.


Fill in the form below, send us your information and you’re done!