MASAA women's group

The MASAA project involves 19 women divided in 3 subgroups that design and produce traditional beaded Maasai jewelry. These women are working together to expand their market and improve their financial situation. 

The MASAA ladies live usually remotely, about 45 minutes walking from the centre of Msitu wa Tembo. As most of them are part of the Maasai culture, keeping livestock is their tradicional livehood and therefore they need more space at home to keep their animals.
Almost all the women have share with us thay they chose to use the earnings of the Masaa program to pay the school fees for their children as a priority. 

The women told us that via the Maasa Jewellery project they feel part of a bigger group in which they all work together. The Kazi na Sala women group (which includes Maasa) helps them to be more integrate in the Msitu wa Tembo and Londoto community.

Visiting the maasai woman of Masaa project


Agatha is really active and she is involved in different economic projects as the bicycle shop of Tatu Project ! She is the leader of Amani Group.

Discover one of Agatha's designs : The earrings - The triplets


Agnes has to deal with busy days with her work in MASAA Project, her job as a cook at the Londoto Primary School and the 10 kids she takes care of !

Discover one of Agnes' designs : the gold anklet


Elisabeth is smiling all the time ! Thanks to MASAA Project she can pay school for her children and two of them just finished secondary school. Congratulations! 

Discover one of Elisabeth's designs : the braided Maasai bracelets


Eva is Susana's sister and they support each other a lot ! She has a natural drive of leadership and she's the head of Mungu group.

Discover one of Eva's designs : the braided Maasai necklace


Martha is very independent. She's the only woman in the group who choose her husband. She's very funny and makes some jokes all the time !

Discover one of Martha's designs : the Maasai bracelet - Multicolor & Brown


Monica is very sweet and brave also. She has 8 kids but just one girl, Maria ! One of her many talents is making excellent jewelry.

Discover one of Monica's designs : the earrings - Spring


Naisujaki is very quiet and the oldest in the group. She is motivated to increase her sales and she is always looking for new shops where to display their jewelries. What a business woman !

Discover one of Naisujaka's designs : the Maasai Bracelet - Rafiki


Paulina lives with Eva. She is very shy but she really enjoys spending time with the other women of MASAA Project each week.

Discover one of Paulina's designs : the earrings - Maasai Range


Rehema M. is the first wife of Sabina's brother, they are sisters-in-law. She likes music and most of all, dancing !

Discover one of Rehema's designs : the double Maasai bracelet


Rehema I. is a Kenyan Maasai. She is the mother of many kids. Although she is always very busy, she loves to attend our meetings and meet her friends !

Discover one of Rehema's designs : the earrings - Droplet


Rose is a bit shy, nevertheless she smiles all the time. She works hard on the family farm and when she has time she enjoys dancing !

Discover one of Rose's designs : the Maasai Necklace


Sabina is very involved in MASAA Project and with her language skills has been great at liaising between TATU and MASAA. She is also part of the bicycle shop project, is a Community Health Worker and one of the main leaders of the overall Kazi na Sala group. She speaks really good English.

Discover one of Sabina's designs : Earrings The duo


Esta is one the most talkative woman is the MASAA group. She always greets you with a smile and she is really motivated to learn a lot. She is the leader of Namnyak group.

Discover one of Esta's designs : Maasai Bracelet - The Elegant


Napokeki likes to meet with the women from MASAA each week and she is really proud to be able to help her family thanks to her work. At home, she is also in charge of milking the cattle and selling it in the market.

Discover one of Napokeki's designs : the anklet white & gold


Margareth is 28 years old and she has 4 children. She is the little sister of Rehema M. She loves to dance and any kind of party !

Discover one of Margareth's designs : the earrings - Sunset


Lidia is a very good friend of Rose. She joined MASAA group more recently thanks to her. She saw how the project helped Rose. She dreams to win enough money to build her own house.

Discover one of Lidia's designs : Maasai bracelet - The elegant - Multicolored


Hamida is really involved in Kazi na Sala and has demonstrate icredible polyvalence and organizational skills with her involvement in the AFYA program and as one of the leaders of Bicycle Shop. She is hard worker. Her accounting skills also make her a valuable and trusted member of the group ! She also speaks really good english.

Discover one of Hamida's designs : The Maasai necklace


Susana is the little sister of Eva. She left MASAA Project for a while to take care of her sick child but now she is really happy to be back and so are we!.

Discover one of Susana's designs : the traditional Maasai Earrings