Luice and Neema, women in the Bike Project

We interviewed Lucie and Neema who managed bicycle project:

Lucie and Neema manage the bicycle rental shop in Msitu wa Tembo with help of TATU Project. Their third colleague, Hamida, gave birth to twins in March and is recovering.


They opened last October and overcame many challenges. Nowadays the shop makes a nice profit, which makes Lucie and Neema very proud.

How do you feel after the first six months of the Bike Project?

We are very proud of the Bicycle project. We started repairing bicycles in October and since then we overcame many challenges. Two years ago, at the beginning we received free bicycles from globalbike. However, after some time the bicycles needed repairs and did not work. So before the shop could operate we had to repair them all which was challenging.

 “We are very proud of being a bike mechanic”

SHOP5 Was it difficult to repair the bicycles?

It was hard work for us to learn how to repair a bicycle. After that, it was even harder to repair all the bicycles. Yet, now, we are very proud of being a bike mechanic. The last training we received was about repairing spokes in the wheel. This is difficult and we find it challenging. But we will keep on practicing this until we get it right!

What do you do with the money you earn?

 Neema MosesLuice: “ With my salary I buy food and I pay for the school uniform of my children. I prefer working in the bicycle shop over working as a farmer. Working on the field is physically harder than repairing the bicycles.”
Neema: “
I buy things for my house and school equipment and I also prefer working in the bike shop over the hard physical labor on the field..”

What are the reactions of the customers? Are they happy?

The customers – our community members – are very satisfied. They tell us the bike is very helpful to transport water and other heavy things. They used to carry everything walking, now they can transport it by bicycle!


Some more pictures:



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