The start of TATU Medical Project

I met Albane, Daniela and Jaume two and half years ago, and since the first moment, I connected with their working way. We happened to meet by coincidence, as volunteers. After few months, they told me that they would embark in an organization in the community of Msitu Wa Tembo. I didn’t think it twice and came back, as a TATU Project volunteer.

We were in the early stages. That means, as eager I was to start working on the health field, with the local dispensary; that was not possible, precisely due to TATU’s approach on problems. First, one has to know, do research, collect data, and only after that, and in collaboration with local people, one can implement projects. After one year, we could focus on the medical branch (TATU Medical Project on Facebook). I will be back soon.

The question is: why so many times with TATU? And there are plenty of reasons. TATU team is formed by working people from diverse discipline and backgrounds, each one with a very different story to tell, but with the same idea to act locally to change the world; you learn a lot every day! Another reason is having worked alongside with the health promotion Hope group and with Veronica Lulu: all these women are so eager to help their families and community that it is motivating to work by their side, and being able to check the progresses. And yet another reason: because of the role of TATU Project’s volunteers; TATU provides the structure, the training, the reviews, in order for the volunteers to achieve relevant tasks, as long as they are motivated and show good preparation. This makes of volunteering a true challenge, and not a superficial experience of initial contact.

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