Kuku Project woman empowerment

The beginning of the Kuku’s Project

Pictured below is the site of our future chicken coop! The Kuku project has been starting to move along quickly, which is very exciting. We had our first meeting as a full group last Friday, the 28th of March, and got a lot accomplished, including selecting the site for our coop. Rehema Ley, one of our partners in the project, was generous enough to volunteer her house, pictured above, to the group. We are currently in discussions with a fundi (worker) about how to build the coop, but hopefully will be able to start construction soon!

Kuku Project woman empowerment

The project will begin with the purchase of 25 chicks. We are intentionally starting on a small scale to make the beginning of the project easier, and to provide us with a little learning curve, if necessary. If after three months all of our chickens are happy and healthy, we will hopefully expand to add 25 more chicks. After six months, our first flock of 25 chickens will be able to be sold, at which point we will buy more chicks, hopefully expanding again. From there, we should be able to sell our chickens and expand buy purchasing new chicks every 3 months! We hope to have up to 100 chickens at the end of our first year, but for now, pole pole (slowly).

In addition to the income generated from the chickens, an important part of this project is human capital development. We want to work with our partners to help them reach maisha bora, a better life, not just provide them with money. To do this, we are going to have weekly meetings and classes focusing on a variety of subjects, potentially including: personal finance management, decision making, health and hygiene, and best practices for raising goats and other animals which they already own. We are currently building relationships and getting to know our partners better, so we can find out more specifically what their needs are and what types of classes they are most interested in.

Currently, the human capital development is focusing on team-building activities. We are working to create a positive group dynamic based on trust, team work, and cooperation. This foundation will go along way to ensuring success with our project. Plus, we get to play a lot of fun games that our partners really enjoy! They have been incredibly receptive and engaged in all of the activities we have done so far, and give me real confidence in the future of this project.

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