Paula with the woman's group

Mental and emotional health for the women’s group


I’m Paula, one of the volunteers that work with the women’s group, and today I’ll explain you what I’m doing here!

My work consists in evaluating the psychological needs of the group so that I have a basis for a later focus on subjects such as self-esteem, self-determination, independence, frustration handling, emotional expression, confidence… to sum up, mental and emotional health!

Paula with the woman's group

At present I’ve finished the information research previous to the start of the project: empowerment, Tanzanian women’s role in rural environments, etc. And I’m already beginning to gather information that I need from the Msitu Wa Tembo mammas! I’m very happy because it seems that they are really interested in the project and eager to go on!

I’ll be here a whole year, so I hope being able to work hard with them in order to improve, even if only a little, their quality of life!

I’ll tell you the news!! See you soon!!

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