Kazi na Sala TATU Project

Health in Msitu wa Tembo

One of the main actions implemented by TATU Project in the community is the creation of a space for meetings that will offer the women the possibility to express themselves freely. Women are part of a large group which is at the same time divided in ten little groups; through these groups they collaborate in order to optimize resources and to share ideas as for how to improve individually and as a group.

So there we were, going by truck to Msitu wa Tembo in our second day in Tanzania. On Saturdays the mammas’ group’s meeting takes place, and this Saturday we were to be presented, Jordi was to say ‘goodbye’ and Daniela ‘see you soon’.

When we arrived there were already 60 mammas waiting to start the meeting. We presented ourselves to one by one with the respectful “shikamoo” and then we talked to everybody telling them our names and what we wanted to do with their help. We will do some basic health seminars. Ten mammas, who are leaders of the ten little groups, will attend the seminars, two weekly and, on Saturday they will transmit what they have learnt to the whole group. Some of them prepared Spanish sentences to welcome us.

This is what we are going to do in interaction with the mammas’ group; but the most important thing is to see how this group will someday manage without TATU’s help. It has a solid structure, with a president and a treasurer, which guarantees the projects’ sustainability, which should always be the main aim when it comes to support the community’s development.

Kazi na Sala TATU Project

Another of our functions that we have already begun is to continue the social research started by TATU in this village of 6.500 inhabitants. Starting from previous interviews that give us a general idea of who (and what areas) need help more urgently, we have to deepen into these families’ situation focusing specially on the health subject. This is an indispensable work for the subsequent outline of efficient actions which will deal with the most vital issues. Luckily, every one of us has a local coordinator for himself, what helps us to overcome the language barriers. I’ll tell more about these domiciliary visits, which give me a close view of these families’ extreme lifestyle.

Javi is also in charge of making contacts and seeking information to establish a HIV’s control plan.  For the moment, we have already made contact with two other NGOs which work specifically on this huge health issue. In my opinion, interconnections between small NGOs are a very interesting way of working that can lead us to improve the way of life in Msitu wa Tembo.

On the other hand, Itxaso is responsible for collaborating with TEACH, another small NGO with which TATU plans to work, particularly to what regards hygiene and feminine health subjects.

There’s a lot of work to do, what’s really good, but that leaves me without time for anything else!

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