TATU medical project

Funding our Health Campaign!

This morning I have received the email from International Services Committee of the Rotary Club of Toronto approving our request for funding a new project: I CARE, ‘Nina Jali’, a locally led Health Campaign.

What a great step! What a joy to receive support from my adoptive country and the Rotary Network that I joined last year.

I am also realizing that after a year working with the women group, we have built a strong structure and established solid relationships with some of its most active members, allowing us to use it as base to reach out to the community. The women are eager to learn in order to improve their families’ and community’s lives. Some of them have been attending health seminars for the past year almost and still show interest and motivation to learn and share with their colleagues. These women will be trained to become references and lead an actual health awareness campaign in this community that suffers from high rates of HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis just to name a few…

This Grant is for us a great opportunity to start addressing the health issues at the community level using the women’s group platform and build a strong relationship with the local dispensary to improve local health services. Reaching out from inside.

Here is also the start of a new Canadian collaboration (already one year working with ABC-HEC Montreal), establishing our network in this generous country.

TATU medical project

Albane Gaudissart, manager director of TATU Project.

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