Project Basket 4 All

Basketball Project: introducing the project on Baptist court


*In the pictures, some of the players who showed interest in coming to Msitu Wa Tembo from next Monday onwards, becoming basketball coaches: Ismail, Hilary, Alpha, Dennis, Emanuel.

It was a great moment when approaching to the court more than 1 year after I said “Kwaheri” (Bye). I didn’t expect I would come back, but I got the chance to be back in Moshi and initiate this promising project, with my friend Javi Herrera, and thanks to TATU Project.

Dennis came to say “Karibu tena” (Welcome again), and we just joined to the match. Lead by Dennis and Thomas, the team seems to be at least as healthy as 1 year ago, even though there were some absences. Basketball happens EVERY day at 5pm on Baptist court.

At the meeting at the end of the training/match, we had the opportunity to talk about the project, which had been already known and accepted by them. It consists in 6 trainings for trainers during these 4 weeks, at the same time as basketball classes for children are initiated in Msitu Wa Tembo, a small village in the countryside, without access to sports education.

We went also two other days before trainings for trainers started. The project was officially running!

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