W.E. Thrive is a branch of the Women Empowerment Program, that focuses on the economic empowerment of women, in the group Kazi na Sala, by training its members to reinforce savings habits and encouraging entrepreneurship. Through the Microlending Initiative (MLI), W.E. Thrive is also providing access to skill-building opportunities and […]

Microlending and challenges in the rural community of Msitu wa ...

We interviewed Lucie and Neema who managed bicycle project: Lucie and Neema manage the bicycle rental shop in Msitu wa Tembo with help of TATU Project. Their third colleague, Hamida, gave birth to twins in March and is recovering. They opened last October and overcame many challenges. Nowadays the shop […]

Luice and Neema, women in the Bike Project

For the past three years, Bertila Samweli was the chairperson of the Kazi na Sala women’s group. The members re-elected her last month so she will lead the group for another three years. In this interview she explains why this makes her proud. How does it feel to be re-elected […]

I am proud the women re-elected me as chairperson

Rose has been a Home Base Care (HBC) volunteer since 1998, almost twenty years! She is responsible for 35 patients, whom she visits regularly. She honoured us with an interview, which gave us an insight in how the HBC program works. Background: The HBC program is a government run program […]

“As Health Care volunteers we have to fight stigmatization every ...

BenJee Cascio 1
BenJee Cascio is TATU Project new General Manager. It will be a daunting task to replace Rebecca Light who was with TATU Project until last summer, but BenJee feels he is up for the task. We introduce him to you via this blog post. BENJEE CASCIO – Born in the […]

We need to continue to dream big, to scale up ...

Tanik Joshipura is 25 years old and worked with TATU Project for one year and a half until November 2015. He left TATU to continue his studies in Development and Economics at the Kansas State University (USA). This summer Tanik came back to Moshi to visit his family. Tanik is […]

“The group became a safe place for the women, something ...

maasai women Tanzania
A few weeks ago the women from the Masaa Jewellery project wanted to explain what they do with the earnings of the jewellery they sell and wanted to show their gratitude. Therefore they invited the TATU employees Sarah, Daniela, Laia and Laura for a visit. The TATU ladies share with […]

Almost all of the women in the Masaa Jewellery Project ...

Women empowerment TATU Project 2
I asked TATU project co-founder Albane Gaudissart whether she would do it all over, co-creating TATU project. She looked as if I asked a stupid question. “Of course I would. Immediately!” Three years into TATU project, we sat down and took time to reminisce.  The Women Empowerment group was our […]

“Most of the women that participate in the group have ...

Andrea volunteer TATU Project 1
After many hours stuck in the air-conditioned bellies of large jets, struck by the heat and colour of Dar Es Salaam’s outskirts, I landed in Tanzania. After a day’s worth of much-needed recovery, a long bus ride finally brought me here in Moshi, where I’ll be working with TATU Project for the […]

Firsts feelings with TATU Project

KiliPads women empowerment project
Do you know the KiliPads Project? It is a social business made up of 6 women from Msitu wa Tembo (Tanzania) who believe that every woman and girl has the right to manage her menstruation with dignity and confidence. TATU believes the same, do you? Be part of this great […]


TATU 3rd Anniversary
Today is the TATU Anniversary!! We want to thank you all for all these 3 years with this special video. Thank you so much!

TATU 3rd Anniversary

I just left Moshi, Tanzania, where I spent five months volunteering for TATU Project. I arrived in August 2015, almost fleeing my place, excited to meet my new African friends and International colleagues. I left behind my old Country, pretty sure I wouldn’t have found it any different some months later, my […]

Simone with Kazi na Sala group

Today we celebrate our second birthday! Here we leave you a video summarizing our short but intense-lived existence! Thanks you all for your support! We hope you enjoy it!!

Happy 2nd birthday TATU!

I met Albane, Daniela and Jaume two and half years ago, and since the first moment, I connected with their working way. We happened to meet by coincidence, as volunteers. After few months, they told me that they would embark in an organization in the community of Msitu Wa Tembo. I didn’t think […]

The start of TATU Medical Project

Being a volunteer for TATU Project was one the of most rewarding and life changing experiences of my life. Both the group of women I was working with and I, felt so much freedom during the creation process, and also while we were exchanging knowledge and technical advices. These women helped me to understand the meaning […]

What volunteering meant for Flavie

It was in the beginning of July, I have just arrived two or three days before and hereI was in the back of a truck, the dust and the crazy-driving were the best signs that we were far from our little Canada. I was finally getting to Msitu Wa Tembo. The women […]

Don’t wait too much to volunteer

Hello! I’m Irene, and I’ve been volunteering for Tatu Project for about 3 months. During all this time, I’ve experienced many feelings; I even dare to say that my happiness level has increased. It’s amazing to feel such a comfort and, undoubtedly, this country and its wonderful people contribute to […]

Feel more alive than ever in Africa

TATU medical project
This morning I have received the email from International Services Committee of the Rotary Club of Toronto approving our request for funding a new project: I CARE, ‘Nina Jali’, a locally led Health Campaign. What a great step! What a joy to receive support from my adoptive country and the […]

Funding our Health Campaign!

Children basket project
BASKETBALL PROJECT II: BUILDING THE PLAYGROUND AT MSITU WA TEMBO In Msitu Wa Tembo, there was not any basketball court. There is not an only meter of concrete ground. There is sand everywhere. Walls have usually roofs, so they are not suitable for attaching a hoop. Hakuna matata (there’s no […]

Basketball project: building the playground

English lessons TATU Project
After traveling in the back of a dusty truck for an hour I finally arrived in the community of Msitu Wa Tembo for the first tourist lunch that our English class was hosting. The seven women had been practicing English for a little more than a month and were very […]

English lessons with Nina

KiliPads pads TATU Project
The KiliPads project was started a year ago in cooperation between TATU Project and T.E.A.C.H. The idea came from the fact that girls in rural areas have difficulties dealing with their periods and often drop out of school because of it. Indeed, a lot of them do not know what […]

Firsts sanitary pads by KiliPads Project!

Project Basket 4 All
BASKETBALL PROJECT I: INTRODUCING OURSELVES AND THE PROJECT ON BAPTIST COURT *In the pictures, some of the players who showed interest in coming to Msitu Wa Tembo from next Monday onwards, becoming basketball coaches: Ismail, Hilary, Alpha, Dennis, Emanuel. It was a great moment when approaching to the court more […]

Basketball Project: introducing the project on Baptist court

Vipi? My name is Florian, I’m from Germany and I have been volunteering in Tanzania for TATU Project the last 6 weeks. Why? Because I felt that I needed a break from my studies and getting to know a new culture and helping local people at the same time seemed […]

The bikes project and visiting Lake Chala

Kuku Project woman empowerment
Pictured below is the site of our future chicken coop! The Kuku project has been starting to move along quickly, which is very exciting. We had our first meeting as a full group last Friday, the 28th of March, and got a lot accomplished, including selecting the site for our […]

The beginning of the Kuku’s Project

Paula with the woman's group
HI TO EVERYBODY! I’m Paula, one of the volunteers that work with the women’s group, and today I’ll explain you what I’m doing here! My work consists in evaluating the psychological needs of the group so that I have a basis for a later focus on subjects such as self-esteem, […]

Mental and emotional health for the women’s group

Maasai women
In this article, Lesley, a woman who spent a couple of months here with us, explains her experience with the Masaais! Read it and discover how they live!! I arrived in Moshi, Tanzania mid December working as a volunteer for TATU project. The project is helping the Community Msitu wa […]

Experience with the Masaais

Kazi na Sala TATU Project
One of the main actions implemented by TATU Project in the community is the creation of a space for meetings that will offer the women the possibility to express themselves freely. Women are part of a large group which is at the same time divided in ten little groups; through […]

Health in Msitu wa Tembo

Today Amalie and Fanny tell us their experience with the Solar Panel’s Project in Msitu wa Tembo, don’t miss it!! As some of you may know, getting to Msitu is quite an adventure. From town we jump in the back of a truck, usually filled with sand, bags of onions […]

Solar panel in Msitu wa Tembo

TATU Project first anniversary
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATU!!! Today we celebrate our first birthday! Here we leave you a video summarizing our short but intense-lived existence! Thanks you all for your support! We hope you enjoy it!!

Happy birthday TATU!!!

The beginnings of TATU Project Hi to everybody!! KARIBUNI (welcome) to the TATU Project’s blog! We are very happy to start this new way of publishing all our experiences and news. To begin with, we think that it is very important to bring up to date all what has happened […]

The beginnings of TATU Project